What is Neuro-Fault Protection?

Neuro-fault Protection

What is Neuro-Fault Protection?

The best way to describe NfP is the, intentional use and constructive development of a natural intuitive intelligence process or intuitive insight, which everyone has and uses regularly whether they are aware of it or not. Put in its simplest terms, NfP is nothing more than using a natural brain process on command rather than waiting for it to happen spontaneously, whenever that might happen.

What does Neuro-fault Protection do?

It does exactly what it says. It protects by taking control of a natural brain process that is considered to never be wrong. Therefore to use intuitive intelligence on command is simply maximising the brains capability rather than wasting its potential then wonder why we make mistakes. The protection occurs by virtue of bypassing limiting habits of thinking and behaviour, thus allowing intuitive intelligence to manage performance.

How does Neuro-fault Protection work?

We have all experienced an intuitive insight then choosing to follow it or ignore it. When we choose to follow it we are delighted with the results but quick to forget where the ideas or solutions came from. When we choose not to follow an intuitive insight, later, when all is too late, we quick to recall the insight and regret not taking notice and acting on it with thoughts like, “damn it, I knew I should have done x,y,z”.

NfP works in two principle ways.

  • One is to acquire intuitive intelligence insights for problems solution or work in progress from the all powerful and knowing unconscious brain, (thinking with the unconscious mind).
  • The second important strategy is to give the implicit action brain, which is part of the unconscious brain, specific instructions of exactly what we want it to do and achieve but certainly not how to do that.

Why is it so important to consciously think about thinking with the unconscious mind and then stop thinking, let go, then trust in something we do not understand and have no control over?

There are a number of reasons. The most important is to counter our beliefs that we think and believe we know best also what to do and how to do it out of conscious thinking, when in fact we do not! This refers to what is known in personal development circles as limiting or redundant beliefs and behaviours. Another is redundant or limiting muscle memory, which is a particular problem for any athlete aiming for high level achievement but constantly running into a muscular glitch, which spoils performance.

Eminent surgeons have been seen and heard also have admitted talking to their patients after an operation while they are still asleep under the effects of anaesthetics. Knowing the patient’s conscious mind is asleep but their unconscious mind can clearly hear them, they may say something like the following:

I have done everything I know how to do and I am fully aware that is not enough.

Now it is time for you to do your part.

I can operate to correct what is hurting you but I cannot heal you, only you with the aid of your innate healer can do that.


The Secret of Neuro-fault Protection

The surgeon has let the patient’s unconscious mind and innate healer know that he will not interfere in the healing and knows he cannot interfere in the healing process because he knows of its mind boggling complexity far beyond his capability.

The secret of NfP is in the speech above, it is this. Much of what we do habitually has become unbelievably complex and mostly we do not realise. In thinking we know the right thing to do, exposes us to limiting or even defunct thinking, thus we produce errors or even failure instead of fully achieving all our objectives. The Surgeon knows he cannot possible begin to understand let alone help the billions of complex actions or the necessary processes the bodies innate healing system knows how to do so perfectly. That is in exactly the right order, in perfect sequence, providing the precise medications in exactly the right dose, in the right place for the right duration with no side effects.

In our conscious minds, thinking we know what to do to win or achieve high performance and success is like playing the children’s party game of sticking the tail on the donkey.  We are blindfolded then turned around three times to make sure we are disorientated. In a situation like that our thinking is as disorientated as our sense of direction. Yes, we may have a degree of success in pinning the tail on the donkey’s ear but the chances of getting to the bottom of things are slim indeed.

Genghis Khan’s mounted archers also Japanese Samurai knew the secret of thinking via the unconscious brain/mind hundreds of years ago. With an 80 to 120 pound (40 to 60 kilos)bow draw weight, they could hit their target dead centre at full gallop. To train themselves they made sure they could not think they knew how to hit the centre of their target or even consciously knowing where it was by suspending a paper screen in front of the target. The top performers went so far as blindfolding themselves as well. Not only were they hitting their target, they were loading and reloading their bow while also riding a horse guided intuitively with their feet.

The above archer’s high performance demanded four important strategies.

  1. Know what you want clearly and precisely.
  2. 2. Understand the only way to achieve it is by the discipline of trusting and working with the unconscious mind.
  3. 3. Develop the right skills to a high level using the unconscious mind.
  4. 4. Let go of all conscious control.

There is only one way known to achieve such performance consistently and that is by allowing the all knowing unconscious mind to do the thinking and the performance action. To just begin to help with the conscious mind, thinking it knows what to do, is guaranteed to muck everything up.

During the years of research and testing of what is now NfP, it was understood the only way to communicate with the unconscious mind to achieve a high level of performance was by understanding how the brain/mind worked and how it likes to work at its best. The way forward was also to find how it liked to communicate best. This resulted in discovering unconscious mind language patterns and protocols.

Much to the disbelief of everyone I have discussed this with so far, be assured the unconscious mind and brain is extraordinarily egotistical and highly sensitive to our slightest doubt and need of interfering in its impeccable capabilities. One wrong thought and it heads straight for the bunker and out of the game. Our remotest thought of helping with what we think is right to do and how to do it, will immediately cause it to stop doing what it was doing and leave us with our archaically slow and faulty conscious thinking to mess up.

So how do we train ourselves to communicate with our unconscious mind? How do we learn to have total confidence in our unconscious mind also unconscious mind muscle memory’s capability to do what it is so capable of doing without our slightest interference?

We do it first by reversing the intuitive insight process, so that instruction is delivered directly to the power of the unconscious brain for it to;

(a), understand exactly what is desired in the way of performance.

(b), deliver it directly to the implicit action brain in a language it understands in a manner it can quickly assimilate.

How can anyone begin to communicate with the unconscious mind? After all it is the unconscious mind.

The way it happens is with what is called language protocols the unconscious brain understands and likes to work with. The specialised rapid meditation specifically developed and refined for NfP is the delivery vehicle for the precisely and carefully worded plan of action with the appropriate protocols.


Isn’t hypnosis better and quicker than meditation?

  1. At best a performance program has been written and delivered to the unconscious and implicit brain/mind by NfP meditation in less than five minutes. This is less time than it takes for a hypnotist to hypnotise someone, let alone prepare the desired performance program and deliver it to the unconscious mind under hypnosis.
  2. With hypnosis the client is dependent on the coach/trainer/hypnotist
  3. Most people might think about meditation as at a yoga or strict meditation class.
  4. NfP meditation follows the same principle as anything else in Neuro-fault Protection. This is; when you allow the unconscious mind to manage the meditation it works infinitely better and faster.
  5. This specialised form of meditation permits the athlete, company manager or director to deal with the unexpected without getting on the phone to the coach/trainer/hypnotist to fix the problem for them.

Wouldn’t self-hypnosis also work in giving the athlete, etc., autonomy to cope with the unexpected?  

  • Yes, certainly!
  • Learn and practise self-hypnosis to the refinement needed for NfP meditation and you will find apart from ‘the process,’ they essentially amount to the same thing. At this refined level so long as the self-hypnosis is as fast as the NfP meditation with the same controls and indicators, the boarder lines between the two will become extremely blurred. Therefore, at the standard of quality demanded by NfP, call it meditation or call it self-hypnosis it matters little. The important point is the quality and where necessary the speed that can be achieved, which produces the best results. NfP is all about being focused on working with the brain/mind appropriately to achieve the very best performance and results, which are largely unobtainable out of the conscious mind.

For whom is Neuro-fault Protection best suited?

  • Anyone who has a desire to go beyond their limiting beliefs to do whatever it takes to achieve their highest performance.
  • Anyone free of fear to go where others fear to tread.
  • Anyone able and willing to play the inner-team game.
  • Anyone who can let go of control when appropriate.
  • Anyone who appreciates that high performance requires exceptional thinking beyond the norm, personal discipline and focused attention on what they want to achieve and why it’s worth doing.


For whom is Neuro-fault Protection not suited?

  • Anyone who thinks they have to be in charge all the time and cannot let go.
  • Anyone who does not understand real leadership or what is all about.
  • Anyone who thinks only they know best and better than anyone else.
  • Anyone who cannot get their minds around the awesome power of the unconscious mind therefore the practically unimaginable potential in thinking via it, especially when it comes to achieving high performance.

Apart from all athletes and sports people, business managers and company directors to help them to achieve consistent high performance, what else can Neuro-fault Protection be applied to?

The origin of NfP was to find a process to break the overwhelming stress cycles, which build up to devastating career stopping burnout. During those early days of studying stress, burnout and how to stop them in their tracks, it was realised how and why stress is a major component of poor behaviour, poor performance also the potential of total failure.

The first hurdle was to recognise also respect the unconscious brain/mind as a living thinking entity. Once it was fully understood how important working with the brain in the way it likes to work best, this research began to change speed and direction. Realising that working and thinking via the unconscious brain/mind was the key to ‘High Performance,’ at that stage high performance high-jacked the whole process of the eventual development of what became Neuro-Fault Protection.

However once NfP Performance had been wrapped up and in the can as the film industry refers to a finished and polished film, a new intuitive insight hit the proverbial frying pan. After many years of testing NfP in its various forms, the issue of the dangerous consequences of stress induced cortisol sloshing around the bodies of people living stressful lives even if they were not aware of its extent became abundantly alarming. The trigger point for this sudden state of alarm was the relatively new phenomenon of young healthy and fit, sports orientated people developing confusing symptoms with the outward appearance of a cardiac arrest. While no discernible medical cause is found by the doctors, amongst those concerned the one common binding denominator of stress is the first to jump out of their intuitive awareness. Neuro-fault Protection suddenly appeared on the table as the ideal vehicle to do what had been the originally intended objective of this research. Find a better way to break the stress cycles, which spoil performance.

First to be re-examined was how stress in the mind and then the body begins. It was a new intuitive insight that came up with the solution including how to turn everything upside down to re-jig High Performance Neuro-fault Protection so it would break the stress cycle process before it even started.

Out of this revised research came the realisation how damaging stress is to consistent high performance. This was not just the issues of the physical damage done to the brain and the physical and muscular body but also to confidence and what used to be called right-thinking now referred to as positive thinking. When confidence is lost so is positive thinking. In the case of prolonged high stress, it is doubt, self doubt and negative thinking that takes their place. These three negative emotions are the greatest danger to creative thinking, a can do attitude, upward development or any aspiration to high performance.

There is a strange thing that occurs in thinking patterns when the brain is flooded with and damaged by stress and cortisol. What seem to be good, rational intelligent thinking, planning and action strategies are later found to be all but good. Before near total loss of confidence and mind numbing doubt about everything sets in, there is a perceived urgency to get into action as quickly as possible with new or existing projects. The thinking and planning is not as cleaver or rational as believed, thus things quickly begin to go wrong. The next step is knee jerk recovery plans as badly conceived as the original idea, all of which results in more failure and more self doubt where stress and the production of cortisol is notched up a few pegs higher followed by the start of the blame game in earnest.

Go for great, go for Neuro-fault Protection.

Email:      neurofaultprotection@gmail.com

Weblog:    www.neurofaultprotection.wordpress.com

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